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We got into the game of making bar mixes with our own juices when the Executive Chef ofBar the historic Crockett hotel in San Antonio asked us to make his margaritas with our lemon and lime juices and his recipe in 1984. We are forever grateful for his wisdom and now make many types of custom margaritas... some with lime, some with lemon, or like his recipe with lemon and lime and simple syrup.
Today we will take your recipe or will give you some of ours and make the best drinks with the freshest juice.

NBI's top-shelf margaritas are consistent, proven and award winning. Whether frozen or on the rocks, we will help you serve the very best.Margarita

The best margarita has to have the best ingredients. NBI uses fresh squeezed juices, natural sugars and natural triple sec. The only thing left to add is the liquor.

The alcohol reaches the taste buds easier because it does not have to overcome the bitterness of preservatives and chemicals that are in other mixes. Therefore, less alcohol is required to maintain the level of alcoholic taste. This can save a business a lot of money in alcohol cost and insurance claims. Bars sometimes have to add too much liquor or the customer thinks the drink is watered down. The result can be people getting more intoxicated than they wanted. With fresh, less is more.

drinksThere are numerous versions of margaritas. We mix what you are seeking. This could mean lime juice and no lemon, lemon juice and no lime, or a mixture of lemon and lime juices. Add into this the ratios of all the ingredients and it is easy to have a trademark recipe for your business. Our margarita masters start with our standard mixes and they are world class. Go ahead, call us on it. We love to compare - especially in blind taste tests.

We have many other mixes as well just ask!