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Natural Brands, Inc is a privately held corporation formed in 1983 and is owned by the Duchesneau family.lemlim slices
The company long ago outgrew the number of working family members needed to serve the customer base. The company has the same Duchesneau leadership it has always had, but the day to day operations are done by a wonderful team of industry experts in their fields.
Kevin MacArthur leads the employees of this complex organization as the Chief Operating officer. For most business customers, he is the go to guy.

We have the best sales people, drink mixologists, drivers and other employees in the industry and they are our most valuable asset. Our employees are our family and the service they provide the customers is a major reason for our growth. We have the right products for the market, but without the reliability of our workers we would not be the #1 player in the fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice industry.

Natural Brands, Inc. is a team that fires on all cylinders.