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Top 25 reasons to drink Natural Brands Lemonade

1. Lemonade gives you energy.
2. No Fat or protein.
3. Lemonade has never caused a major war.
4. One acidic thing that you DON'T have to take Tums with.
5. Because Shakespeare wrote a poem comparing lemonade to his love!
6. You can put it in a Corona.lemon slices
7. It's see through in the sunlight.
8. It is a flavor that is both timeless and classic.
9. Because it goes with a hammock.
10. If you drink it in the winter, it reminds you of the summer.
11. It will keep you awake caffeine free.
12. You can make money by selling it.
13. Because it has Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C, which are healthy for you.
14. You can never have too much lemonade.
15. It prevents scurvy.
16. To support lemon growers of the nation.
17. The citric acid in lemonade combats the formation of kidney stones.
18. Because mixing it with other drinks makes them all taste better.
19. You deserve it.
20. This is just what the soda companies don't want you to do.
21. It tastes good with any meal.
22. You can make it into Popsicles.
23. Sour or Sweet, you can have it anyway you want it.
24. It is sour, it is good, and it is not carbonated.
25. It is made with Natural Brands fresh squeezed lemon juice.