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Myth: Drinks made with Fresh Juice
Mixers will have a higher
pour cost. Chemical based
powders and liquids cost less
to use.

Fact: Drinks cost less with fresh juice mixers! Fresh Juice Mixers don’t
mask the flavor of liquors. You can use better liquors and less of
them to achieve a superior flavor profile. Our mixes contain no water,
nor additives—just the juice of fresh lemons and limes and pure cane
sugar. Super-premium drinks with cost savings!


Myth: The best way to serve Fresh
Juice Mixers is with a juicer
behind the bar.

Fact: Our fresh squeezed and lightly pasteurized premium mixers are more
consistent in quality than on-premise squeezed juices. We use only
the best fruit and pure cane sugar. If you squeeze on premise, your
juice is only as good as the fruit you get on a given day. Simple syrup
imparts a “cooked” taste. We blend pure cane sugar without cooking
for a clean, sweet taste.


Myth: We can’t serve Fresh Squeezed
Lemonade—our beverage
contracts won’t allow it.

Fact: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade from our Lemon Sour Lemonade & Bar
Mix is a food product prepared with your water on premise. It will
become your best-selling non-carbonated beverage. Substitute the
lemon-less lemonade in your soda fountain with a diet flavor!