Lime Slices



Natural Brands, Inc. is recognized as a leading foodserviceLemlime resource for fresh squeezed lemon juice, lime juice, ruby red grapefruit juice, Valencia orange juice, custom lemonades, limeades, margaritas and other signature citrus based non-alcoholic mixers.
Our products not only let you use less salt, they also require less alcohol to achieve the same taste!
Why? Because there are no artificial flavors and preservatives that the alcohol has to overcome to be tasted. Quality from the beginning saves money and increases repeat sales.
We guarantee economic results and improved consumer satisfaction.


Other NBI Products

We do requests. We are happy to provide samples of our products when a business is conducting product testing, investigating our pricing, verifying quality, or inquiring about our service coverage. NBI provides free consulting to corporations that are trying to solve beverage related issues in their business. We have world-class talent available at your request. Ask us for references and you will be astounded at who we have as friends. Our integrity and quality are renowned throughout the food service arena in North America.