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Natural Brands, Inc is a full service citrus processor, custom bar mix designer, and International distributor of fresh squeezed citrus juices.
NBI is the foremost expert and largest distributor of fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice in North America.

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NBI fresh lemon and lime juices are used by many well known national restaurant chains for lemonades, margaritas and other bar mixes, making pies and tarts, salad dressings, flavoring for cakes, cookies, cake icings, puddings, sherbet, sauces, flavoring fish and poultry, confectionary, preserves and pharmaceutical products. Lime juice also allows less salt to be used.
Our customers tell us they add a few drops of our fresh lemon juice to cream before whipping to give stability to the whipped cream, clean their stoves and floors with our fresh lime juice to keep poison away from food preparation areas and more.
We know how to make the best juices; but our customers always amaze us with the uses of our lines.

NBI makes creating and carrying high quality fresh drinks simple for your business. NBI has a national distribution network that can get product to all major cities in the U.S. with 48-hour notice.

NBI products are fresh squeezed and are not pasteurized. NBI has pasteurized juices Drinks over Water for those businesses that require them. All fruit is harvested, sorted through, washed, prepared and rushed to your place of business. NBI also carries certified organic orange juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and lemonade products. We support you with merchandising. We will help you grab customers' attention and stimulate sales, and we will provide a wide array of merchandising materials.

NBI is a corporation that is committed to the preparation and distribution of premium fresh squeezed juices and natural bar mixes to hotels, restaurants, retail and mass feeders. NBI Orange Treealso acts as a master distributor for produce companies and other distributors that carry our product lines in their markets. Natural Brands has its own labels with UPC codes. NBI also does private label. Citrus is sourced year round for the best fruit that are in season. Fruit that are early in their season are blended with fruit that is exiting its season, to maintain consistency in color, texture, and sweetness during breaks of season. Some breaks are caused by nature, for example, a freeze.

Fresh products are highly perishable and maintaining their freshness from tree to consumer requires state of the art equipment, a sanitary environment, and cold bottling temperatures. NBI accomplishes this in all of their factories and thus produces product that are virtually bacteria free. (Plants are USDA inspected) and (HACCP approved). FDA warning signs and labels are not required. HACCP juices are safer than pasteurized juices because, the standards of cleanliness and inspections required are more stringent than for pasteurized and concentrate facilities.