"We serve your business"

Let Natural Brands handle the complexities of sourcing and extracting the best citrus so
that you can focus on sales and delivery with the knowledge you carry the best juices against any competitor.

Train and Assist

NBI will train, assist or call on new and existing clients at the level your business seeks.
NBI provides a wealth of case history knowledge and provides consultation on anything beverage related.

The business model of NBI is to be a company that serves your business, versus the industry model of a transactional relationship based on costs instead of the focus on quality and reliability that is needed in the fresh food and beverage business.

“You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is.”

Will Rogers

We would love to add you to our portfolio of top service providers of the best citrus juices in the USA. The entrepreneurship of our local service providers makes us the most flexible company in the juice industry. We are not the largest in revenues, but we are the best and our distributors in most cases maintain higher margins from our world class juices delivered by their world class service.

CallĀ Us

You will never go back to the firms you do business with. NBI is the best of the best in servicing fresh juices and the creations of drink blends.


Whether you are a distributor looking for your own lines to represent, a single location or a national chain, NBI has the ability to serve you more than any other fresh juice manufacturer in the USA. NBI acts like a full-service broker without the fees and commissions.
NBI makes its profits from selling juice and picks up its own tab, as a full-service business to business juice and beverage company.

Surprise us with what your ideas are, maybe its lime juice with your kegs of beer, lemon juice for Kombucha? Bring us your creativity, we are here to make it happen for you.

NBI has many distribution capabilities already in place as we have produce, beer, pizza ingredient suppliers, national carriers, our own fleet of company owned refrigerated trucks and so many more points of local service on a nationwide scale.

Our lines are guaranteed fresh and with long code dates and can be delivered or picked up FOB at Produce terminals in Los Angeles, NY, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

One of our trade secrets is our ability to produce and distribute local and fresh juices anywhere because of our network of hundreds of small and medium companies combined with a few well-known national distributors.

NBI protects territories and intellectual property rights.
Ask about how we can work with your firm in particular.