Custom Blends

"We mix what you are seeking, and then continue until we achieve the WOW Factor!"

WOW Factor

When people chosen at random taste the new drink sample and spontaneously uses the word WOW! This test actually happens when the taste exceeds all perceived notions of what they were expecting.

Occasionally we have gotten the WOW when someone smells the aroma of the fruit, and they haven’t even gotten to the best part…. The Taste!

“Not Everyone who drinks is a poet. Some of us drink because we’re not poets.”

Dudley Moore

Ready to Go

If you have a formula you want protected and made by us we can do that or make up new ones for your business needs. A ready to go NBI House Formula will place you in the top 1 percent of great places to get a natural drink.

If You can Think

it We can Make it.

Many high end custom Pizza places use NBI to create and provide their all natural fresh lemonades with different flavors from Purees added as needed.

Bars and Tables use our fresh lemon and lime juice for many drinks and food items.
We have ready to serve or mix margaritas and sweet n sour mixes and just about anything you can think of if the drink contains a citrus juice!

The Best NBI Juices

adds Quality to your Beers.

The beer world has come a long way since the days of a lonely lemon or lime piece floating in a wheat beer. Today citrus flavored IPAs are one of the fastest growing categories of Craft Beer, and Brewers use NBI for Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit juice in their recipes.

NBI has discovered the most straightforward way to brew Lemon Beer is to add our lemon juice to the beer during secondary fermentation.
Some of the natural sugars in our lemon juice will undergo fermentation, which adds complexity to the beer. NBI Lemon and Lime juices also contain important Aroma compounds which are critical constituents of Hop oil.
The cost to add the best citrus juices NBI provides is minuscule compared to the benefits it adds to the quality of your beers.
Try a free sample on the house before your next batch run!