Our Citrus Juices

"Using NBI fresh citrus products gives you the competitive edge."

We test the citrus to make sure it has the necessary characteristics for yield, consistency in color, Brix, texture and best variety of juicing fruit from growers that use natural, organic and sustainable farming methods.

NBI Fresh and Natural Juices

Natural Brands, Inc. sources citrus fruit from the groves in the states that are tree ripened and in season.

NBI is focused on prioritizing the best trees and growers, rather than the industry which has a factory mentality of shopping the lowest cost per pound.
Making the best bottled juice starts with the best produce available.
NBI emulates nature that protects juice within its skin and juice sacks, by using strict procedures of sanitation and handling from groves to processing on state of the art equipment
And creating a cold chain from citrus into the bottles and boxes and then all the way to delivery to your refrigerated locations.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Michael Porter

Citrus is Sourced Year Round

We Source citrus year round because anybody can make good juice 9 months per year, but only by our methods of blending early and late fruit can we make the same great tasting juices year round by getting all specs to match up such as Brix, acidity, color and other in season attributes.

NBI only produces your products in USDA inspected and HACCP approved facilities under the strictest of sanitation criteria.

NBI standards far exceed cleanliness and inspections required for the majority of pasteurized and concentrate facilities because we consider state and government requirements to be a base line for great juice and not the high bar we demand